Parent Council

Parent Council is an advisory forum for our Principal, Mrs. Ostafichuk.  Each month she gives a brief report and asks for feedback from those parents in attendance (or virtually via an email!).

Parent Council is also tasked with the responsibility of deciding how Catholic Education monies is to be spent.  Catholic Education monies are collected at mass on Catholic Education Sunday each year.  In the past, we have spent the monies on things such as our icon of St. Patrick in the atrium, individualized St. Patrick keychains for graduates, nativity scenes for the three corners of our center area and Stations of the Cross booklets.

The Parent Council chairperson also attends three WARD meetings a year and Council of School Councils (an opportunity to collaborate with other chair people within the division).  They are also invited to take part in Council opportunities at the Provincial level.

Current Positions include:

  • Chairperson – Julie Trotter
  • WARD Meeting Representative - Lorne MacKenzie
  • Gratitude Coordinator – Jacquie Milford

If you are interested in serving on Parent Council please contact Mrs. Ostafichuk at or Julie Trotter at

Our mission is three-fold: to be models of GRATITUDE for our children, to continue our TUDOR MANOR Partnership and to ENGAGE parents with topics that matter. 

Here are some examples of things we have done in the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Grade 10 Information Night