Enhanced Reading

Reading interventions form a critical part of a comprehensive district-wide literacy plan for Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools. Early Reading Intervention, based on Marie Clay’s reading recovery model, is a highly recognized and successful program that has been implemented in our district since 1995, for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2. By providing assistance in the primary years, students are given the opportunity to become confident, independent readers in later years.

We recognize that many students beyond the early years, continue to require reading instruction that includes both processing strategies and thoughtful literacy. As reading researcher Richard Allington states, instructional environments that create schedules that allow dramatically increased quantities of reading, and provide students with books that they are interested in and can read, will offer reluctant readers opportunities to engage in reading that interests and motivates them. Having engaging text that students can read, at their reading level, will create a reading environment where students begin to feel successful.

Students in grades 3 through 12 are given extra reading support in one on one and small group guided reading sessions. They will have access to reading materials of various text types and different genres. This includes both fiction and non-fiction materials, short novels, graphic text, magazines, and other sources of print that support the 21st Century learner. Ultimately, Enhanced Reading sessions will provide an interactive and supportive environment that encourages students to become lifelong independent readers as reading responsibility is gradually released to the student.