Parents Advocating for Catholic Education (PACE) was formally established on May 10, 2017 and emerged from discussions at Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools Council of Councils’ meeting in April 2017.

The group wanted to support and enhance the work already being done by CTR Catholic trustees, schools and central office. Parents indicated that there was a lack of understanding regarding the history, mandate, and issues facing Catholic education. Parents were very supportive of Catholic schools, but information or conversations designed to build knowledge and understanding did not take place. There was a desire to build understanding within the group and share information with Catholic school parents. PACE evolved from a desire to inform the community and encourage them to advocate for the gift of Catholic education in Alberta.

PACE officially changed its name to GrACE (Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education) in April 2019. The goal of GrACE is to advocate for publicly funded education across the province of Alberta. It is supported by the Alberta Bishops, Alberta Catholic School Trustees and the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta. For more information including news stories, history, advocacy tools, visit the Provincial GrACE website: GrACE - Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education 

In response to Provincial GrACE’s calls to action, CTR Catholic formed a local GrACE committee that meets five times a year. We invite all those who are committed to Catholic education to join our efforts to advocate for Catholic schools and our children! 

GrACE CTR Committee Members:

  • Mark MacDonald (Trustee, Committee Chair)
  • Andrea Keenan (Trustee, Board Chair)
  • Bonnie Annicchiarico (Provincial GrACE Director)
  • Mariette Moss (Associate Superintendent)
  • Lindsay Fagan (Director of Catholic Education)
  • Fr. Troy Nguyen (Associate Pastor, St. James Parish)
  • Shari Gustafson (Vice Principal, St. Mary’s School)
  • Jocelin Oliver (Parent)
  • Krista Conrad (Parent)
  • Nadine Pope (Parent)

For more information visit: