Nut and Peanut Awareness

Holy Trinity does not allow nut products to be sold at the cafeteria or in our Healthy Food Vending Machine.  In the case of a bake sale, we ask that all nut products be clearly labelled.  However, it is impossible to guarantee an allergen-free environment as we do not check through student lunches and our students are permitted to eat in a location of their choice.  If your child has a serious nut allergy, please notify us at  We will ensure that a note is made in PowerSchool regarding this allergy.  

We also recommend that you notify your child’s teachers directly each semester via email to make certain they are aware.  At high school age, those students with nut allergies carry epi-pens on their person and also leave an epi-pen with the front office should the need arise.  We are trying to help transition students at this point in their lives to take on the ownership and responsibility of all issues from academics to making healthy choices.