Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement is the Honours program at Holy Trinity Academy.  It is an accelerated program for the student who is seeking enrichment and, as a result of the rigor; students are even more challenged than in the regular academic stream.  With Advanced Placement, students choose the courses they desire based on their own strengths.  Although students may enter the AP program at any year, it is simplest if they start in their Grade 10 year.  Entrance into the program at any year is based on student interest and ability.  These classes culminate in an AP exam, according to the schedule below.

Advanced Planning Mapping


#1.  Accessibility at each level.

#2.  Have a Math/Science AP schedule that does not conflict and a Social/English one that does not conflict. 

All courses are normal, 5 credit/1 period courses unless otherwise noted.

In addition to the benefits of an enriched environment and further academic challenges, should students receive a suitable mark on the AP exam, they may receive credit for that course at University (please see for precise information on University credit).  However, studies have shown that students taking AP courses are more likely to finish their Bachelor’s degree within four years than those who did not take AP courses.  Therefore, the primary benefit connected to post-secondary is that after being more challenged in high school and having more independence encouraged with our seminars, students are even more likely to be successful at University.