A model representing the course sequences is presented above. Because students’ needs, interests and aspirations sometimes change, a certain amount of flexibility in transferring from one-course sequence to another is desirable.  In the model, the solid arrows denote the typical pathways that students will follow to progress from grade to grade.  The dotted arrows denote potential transfer points from course sequence to course sequence.  The thickest dotted arrow, which connects English 10-2 to English 10-1, denotes the optimum transfer point between the two course sequences. Summer School also provides an option for those who choose to ease the transition.

ENGLISH 10-2 (5 Credits)

An integrated approach is taken to the skill areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing.  Reading skills include skimming, scanning, and the use of context clues.  Students read and study fiction, non-fiction and basic literary forms of prose, poetry, drama and film.  The composition of sentences, paragraphs, outlines, and journals is developed.

ENGLISH 10-1 (5 Credits)

Recommended for those students achieving 65% or higher in LA 9

This course is designed to broaden the student’s command of English in writing, reading, speaking, listening and viewing.  Units of study incorporate analysis of poems, plays, novels, short stories, and films and are integrated with exercises designed to sharpen the five skills.  Students are required to speak and read audibly, to produce written essay work and to sharpen critical thinking skills.

ENGLISH 10AP (5 Credits)

This course is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam written in their grade 12 year.  Selections in English 10AP will deepen students’ understanding of literature, writing techniques, poetry, culture, and the human condition.  Texts will encompass the full range of human experience and reflect various major writing styles, trends, and narrative voices throughout history.  In English 10AP, students will begin to view our world in microcosm through different perspectives, recognizing that there is a common link regardless of distance, time, or culture. In preparation for 20AP, 35AP and 30AP, this course provides the beginnings of a broadened view and international perspective of literature and human thought.

Admission to English 10AP is based on student interest, student results and teacher recommendation.

ENGLISH 20-2 (5 Credits)

This course fosters and extends skills in the five language arts areas.  In literature, themes are identified, and mood and tone recognized.  Students are taught to limit a subject and to find alternate sources of information for compositions, business letters, resumes and organized reports.  Students are taught the importance of clear communication in their own writings, specifically, paragraphs, essays and letters.

ENGLISH 20-1 (5 Credits)

English 20-1 further develops student’s communication skills as initiated in English 10-1.  Students explore various forms of communication.  Course work includes developing unity of thought and purpose in expression, independent research and analysis skills, and an examination of universal values as portrayed in literature.

ENGLISH 20AP (5 Credits)

English AP continues the higher level study of English in preparation for the grade 12 Advanced Placement exam.  In addition to the regular study of grade 11 literature, students will tackle an in-depth study and analysis of poetry.  Greater demands are also placed on essay writing.  Admission to 20AP is based on student interest, student results, and teacher recommendation.

ENGLISH 35AP (3 Credits)

English 35AP is currently offered in the second semester of grade 11, outside of the schedule.  Exact times are TBA and may include mornings, lunch hours, or after school times.  This additional semester of English offers students time to complete the extra demands of the Advanced Placement program including additional literature, poetry analysis, essay writing and reading comprehension.  Admission to 35AP is based on student interest, student results and teacher recommendation.

ENGLISH 30-2 (5 Credits)

An integrated approach is taken.  At this level, the students’ responses to reading and literature are increasingly thoughtful and articulate.  Critical judgments of values expressed in literature are developed.  Students should be able to detect “crooked thinking” in speeches, and in viewing.  Students should be able to identify manipulative media devices and stylistic devices of visual communication.

ENGLISH 30-1 (5 Credits)

Students explore the various philosophical, theological and social issues that are presented in literature.  Specifics include the ability to effectively appraise the values of self and other, to conceptualize artistic unity in written or visual imagery, to evaluate the stylistic features of a literary message, and to develop self-confidence.  The course includes a study of the novel, short story, poetry, Shakespearean drama, essay, media and modern drama with an emphasis in research and presentation skills.

ENGLISH 30-1/AP (5 Credits)

English 30-1/AP is the final semester of English, currently offered in the second semester of grade 12, which prepares students for both the Advanced Placement exam written in May and the Alberta English diploma exam written in June.  Students MUST have taken English 35AP in order to register for English 30-1/AP.