Religious Education


Christ in Culture is the name of the grade ten course introduced as a new curriculum in 2002.  The program presents human beings made in the image of God and shaped in their beliefs and behaviors by culture.  This course is intended to raise awareness of the omnipresent Christ in culture.  This program invites the student to a deeper participation and understanding of the role of the Christian in the modern world. The program is built around nine principles, which bind Christ, Culture and Humanity.  


Jesus of History, Christ of Faith is the name of the new grade eleven course which was introduced in 2009. As we go through our high school years and through life, it is important to think about and form conclusions about the person of Jesus and the Christian faith. Making a sound judgment about Jesus as a historic person and as the Christ of Christian faith requires careful consideration and study. This course is designed to offer you information toward your own personal response to Jesus and His church.


This is a new course in Canadian Catholic High Schools.  It is called, “IN SEARCH OF THE GOOD”.  This course asks students to consider the foundations of Catholic morality in the decisions of modern adult life.  The nature of God, of human dignity, of law, of family life, of political life, of social justice, and of responsibility with freedom and sexuality, and suffering are major topics.